About SB Beauty and Sharon Becker

Portrait Image of Sharon Becker by Sofia Negron

"I believe in beauty. It’s holistic, and it most definitely comes from the inside."

High-impact jobs taught Sharon Becker how to remain professional under extraordinary pressure. A career in events planning taught her how to budget the scarcest resource: time. Before that, the four jobs she juggled making ends meet as an actor had given her discipline, and an unshakeable work ethic. Acting itself imparted polish—and a keen sensitivity to the spotlight.

But when it came down to it, all Sharon wanted to do was to create beauty.

“I believe in beauty. It’s holistic, and it most definitely comes from the inside. Beautiful skin. A great outlook. Confidence,” says the makeup and hair artist.

This was in stark contrast to Sharon’s past, as an actor who then preferred to arrive at auditions with a bare naked face. But while acting, Sharon spent eight years behind the Prescriptives counter at Macy’s and Bergdorf Goodman, learning how to coax beautiful out of ordinary New Yorkers. She fell hard for this creative, artistic world. Now, she sets the first example—by never failing to look polished.

Whether she’s working on a model or a bride, Sharon has a certainty that each subject is breathtaking. She focuses on the positive—and amplifies it.

It’s not just about analyzing the shape of the face, the depth of the eye socket, or the texture of the skin, she says. Far and beyond, Sharon creates beauty “stories” based on the factors at hand. What do the storyboards insist on? What are the objectives of the designer, the creative director, or the brand? Is there an issue that needs to be addressed—a prominent nose; a shyness? What about hair?

Under extreme pressure, Sharon is like the eye of the storm: calm, cheerful, and quick to delight. She leaves any diva attitude at home, instead doling out compassion to models, reassurance to brides, and assistance to photographers, videographers, or anyone else who needs it. “My subjects often thank me for the peaceful space I’ve created around them,” she says.

Given the chaos swirling about, that’s simply beautiful.